Protection Engine Company No. 3

Officers , 2006 - 2007

Tim Stiteler, President -----

Harry (Skip) Seitz, Vice President ----- Skip joined the company in 1995 as a fire policeman, and is also qualified as a firefighter and apparatus driver.

Tom Ebert, Treasurer ----- A long time member, has held the position of treasurer for many years..

James Ratliff, Secretary ----- Jim joined the company in 1993 as a firefighter. He has been secretary since 1997.

Richard Box, Captain----- Rich joined the company in 1991 as a firefighter. He has also served as 2nd Lieutenant and Equipment Foreman.

Jennifer Seitz, 1st. Lieutenant-----A member of long stanging and prior experience as an officer having served as second Lt. in the past.

Chris Breidenstein, 2nd. Lieutenant -----

Eric Jacobson, 3rd. Lieutenant-----

OPEN ----- Tom came to us from White Mills FD in 2000 and is an experienced firefighter and EMT.

OPEN, Equipment Foreman-----

Trustees: George Korb, Kevin Breidenstein, Tammy Ebert

Relief Representatives: George Korb, Tim Stiteler, Chris Seitz


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