Protection Engine Co. No. 3

and Honesdale Fire Department

Early History

According to early records of the company a disastrous fire occurred in the Borough during the summer of 1840. As a result the citizens of the community petitioned the Borough Council for the formation of a fire department. In March of 1841 the State Legislature passed an act allowing the Borough to borrow $1500.00 for the purchase of a fire engine and other apparatus. As a result, in October of 1842 a hand engine was purchased for $700.00. The following year a fire company called "Deluge" was organized. This was followed shortly by a second company.

September 19, 1853 marked the date of the first meeting of "Protection Co. No. 3." This first meeting was held in a barn on Church Street near the Methodist Church on 11th. Street.

The first engine consisted of two "Barker" pumps mounted on a wagon with long handles to work from either side. In October 1868 a new and larger hand engine was purchased by the company.

Sixteen years later, February 3, 1869 the company was incorporated and the name was changed to "Protection Engine Company No. 3".

On March 1, 1875 the Town Council completed a contract with Silsby Manufacturing Co. of Seneca Falls, NY for the purchase of a "Third Size Rotary Steam Fire Engine" and a four wheel hose truck for a total cost of $4700.00. There was much discussion between the Borough Council and the three companies as to which one should operate the new steamer. The decision was finally made that Protection Engine Co. No. 3 should have that honor. Shortly after the arrival of the engine, Company No. 1 and Company No. 2 disbanded. For the next twenty-three years, No. 3 was the only fire company in the area.

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