Active Members

Protection Engine Company No. 3

Honesdale Fire Department

The chart below lists all active members of the company, their role in the company, gives a brief bio of service rendered including offices held and where available includes a photo of the member.


Primary Function

 Service Bio

 Barbara Badoud

Joined in 2000 as a firefighter. She is a graduate of Wallenpaupack High School. 

 Gordon Bond

 Jim has held a number of offices since becoming a member, including equipment foreman and Lieutenant. Honorary Life Member

Capt.Richard Box

Firefighter, Captain
Rich has held all Lieutenant positions since joining. He is presently Captain

Chris Breidenstein


 Kevin Breidenstein

 Firefighter / Administrative
 Has served as Lieutenant, President and is now a trustee  
 Mark Bunnell

 Tammy Ebert

Fire Prevention 
Joined the company in 1981 as a firefighter. Today, as a school teacher she serves in a vital capacity in the Fire Prevention Program.  
 Tom Ebert

 John Garrah

 Museum Coordinator  
 Pat Houshultz


 Butch Jacobsen

Has served as Captain, currently Lieutenant  
 Denise Jacobsen   Firefighter  Joined us in 1999 as a firefighter.  
 Eric Jacobsen   3rd Lt.  Equipment Foreman  
 Kristiana Kahakauwila

 Tiana moved to Honesdale early in 2003 to work for Highlights For Children, and joined the Company shortly after arrival. Now in college in the midwest.

 Matt Kann

 George Korb

 Fire Marshall, HFD
 George has held every line office in the company as well as Chief of Department. He presently serves on the Department Relief Board, as Department Fire Marshall, on the Board of Trustees of the Company. George is also an Honorary Life Member

 Sue Lane

 Fire Police
Came to us in 2000 after many years of service with Hose Co. No. 1, HFD where she served as a fire police officer. She fills a dual roll of fire police and firefighter, and has served as a member of the Board of Trustees.

Skip Martin

 Skip has served as a Lieutenant  
Scott Myers

 Scott has served as 1st and 2nd Lieutenant as well as a Rescue 7 Member  
Tracy Myers

 Joined the company in 1991 as a firefighter. Met and married fellow fire fighter Scott Myers. Tracy is an active firefighter and a strong advocate of an active training program.  
John Packer

Fire Police
John joined the company as Fire Police and Dive Rescue member. He has served as Fire Police Lt and Captain.  
Stanton Pratt

Chief, HFD
Joining in 1967, he has served as Lt, Captain, Dive Captain, and Chief, HFD. He was also Co-Chairman of the Steamer restoration committee and is a qualified steamer operator. Honorary Life Member. Retired as Captain after spending nearly 20 years in that position, September 2002. Chief of Department 2005  
James Ratliff

Cindy Reed

 Joined the company in 1998 as a firefighter. She has served also as equipment foreman since 1999, and was elected 3rd. Lieutenant in 2000, and 2nd Lieutenant in 2001.

Harley Reed

 Harley has served several tours as a Lieutenant and as Catain  
 Chris Reynolds  Firefighter  
Bailie Rutherford Administrative Joining in 1967 he has served as Vice-President and President and Co-Chairman of the Steamer Resotration Committee. He is a qualified Steamer Operator. Honorary Life Member  
Capt. Christine Seitz

Fire Police
Joined the company in 1999 as fire police. She has also been cross training as a firefighter. Department Relief Association Member She was appointed Lt. of Fire Police in June 2002 and in 2003, Captain .  
Jennifer Seitz

1st Lt.
Joined the company in 1999 as a firefighter. She has served as Equipment Foreman and was promoted to Lieutenant February 5, 2002.

Harry (Skip) Seitz

Firepolice / Firefighter
 Vice President  
 Trevor Smith  Firefighter  Completed Probationary membership 2004  
Tim Stiteler

Firefighter, Company Presidnet
 Company President  
Tom Utegg

 David Williams  Fire Police    

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