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At the annual meeting of the Company held in September, 1999 is was suggested that a fire person or fire persons of the quarter be named each three month period of the year. The reason, to bring special recognition to members for a job above and beyond what can normally be expected of volunteers. Photographs of the selected members are to go in a permanent record or display in the station and the member(s) are to be treated to dinner on the company in cooperation with local restaurants.

Congratulations to the Fire Persons of the Quarter shown below.

First Quarter Award went to the Seitz Family, Skip, our Vice President, Chris, his wife and a new and ambitious fire police person and their very hard working daughter Jennifer. The family enjoyed a fine dinner at Joey C's Restaurant in Honesdale.

Second Quarter Award went to Harley Reed, our energetic and hard working engineer who has given freely of his time. During his winter layoff from work he spent so much time in the fire station that often difficult daytime response rivaled fully paid departments.

Third Quarter Award went to Lt. Richard Box, in recognition of his continued hard work and competent leadership.

Fourth Quarter Award was presented to Jim Bond. Jim has filled many positions during his years with the company. He was instrumental in planning and carrying out the 125th Anniversary celebration for our Steamer last summer.

First Quarter 2001 Award was presented to Captain Stanton Pratt.

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