Late in the summer of 1898 a fire broke out in the home of Julius Moll, Sr. on Grove Street in what was then known as Texas Township. At the time there was no fire company in that locality so friends and neighbors rallied with pans and buckets in order to form a"bucket brigade", by which it was hoped to extinguish the fire and save the property.

A bucket brigade was a small and comparatively useless thing in a locality like Texas Township, so a number of taxpayers gathered on October 17, 1898 in order to discuss plans and means for better fire protection. This meeting proved to be the beginning of Texas No. 4 Fire Company, which was granted a charter February 10, 1899.

The first Fire House was a frame building on the site of the old Terrace Street station, purchased from Katie Boos for $525.00. The building had been previously used by Philip Boos as a cigar factory.The first floor of the building was used to house the first chemical truck and the second floor for meetings.

In 1908 plans were drawn for a new brick fire station on Terrace Street. Constructed at a cost of $4,250.00 the new building which measured 38X50 was ready for occupancy in November 1908. As apparatus changed over the years, the building was modified to accommodate these new vehicles.

The first real fire apparatus owned by the company purchased from Segraves, was a combination hand and horse drawn Chemical and Ladder Truck.

In March of 1922 a Reo chassis was ordered Emmerson Gammell at a cost of $1,616.00. As soon as the new truck arrived most of the equipment from the old truck was removed and installed on the new one.When all work was completed the company had a fully equipped modern fire apparatus.

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