Protection Engine Company No. 3

Training Activities

Protection Engine Co. No 3 embarked on a new and vigorous scheduled training program in September 1999. This new and strong emphasis on both local level and state training was enthusiastically accepted by the members resulting in just over 1000 firefighter hours of training for the year 1999. A continuation of the program with added state courses and new members increased the number to 2487 hours in 2000. The year 2001 saw even more donated training hours increasing member training to more than 3600.

Members have just completed a state course in Respiratory Protection, Incident Command, Rapid Intervention, Emergency Vehicle Operation, Essentials, and Basic Vehicle Rescue. A six week, 16 hour, new member orientation class is presently under way for eight new firefighters. The purpose of this course which started in February 2002 is to provide the basic tools to all new members to help them become effective members of the department.

Regular weekly training for the company is held every Monday evening beginning at 6:30 P.M. Schedules are posted at least two weeks in advance by the training officer .

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