Policy Options

For those motorists who wish to drive a vehicle they own, then an annual insurance policy might represent the best value. Provided these people hold a full licence, and entitlement to drive for a year or more in the UK then an annual policy, which can be paid monthly will cover them for a full year provided they maintain all payments to the policy. A good comparison site with a wide range of insurance partners will present you with individual quotes based on nationality and licence combinations. A comparison tool is the best way to get a range of quotations from a lot of insurers very quickly and makes it super easy to purchase the best policy.

Those motorists who find it difficult to afford a policy may wish to pay for it monthly. There are UK websites which offer no deposit, or low deposit car insurance policies. At www.lowdepositcarinsurance.org.uk motorists can compare prices to get the cheapest pay-monthly deals.

Short term insurance options

There are many people who will not meet the criteria to buy an annual policy for a variety of reasons. Short term insurance policies exist and provide cover in the following situations, and can be the very best way to find cheap car insurance on an international driving licence.

•For those who do not own their own car
•For those who plan to borrow a vehicle from a friend or relative
•For those who have less than a year of driving entitlement left in the UK
•For those who only wish to drive for a few days or weeks

Driver's using these policies will need to satisfy some basic criteria. They will need to have held a full driving licence, issued in their own country, for a minimum of one year. Most insurers will require such applicants to be over 18 years of age. If it is intended to drive someone else's car, then the driver must have the permission of the vehicle's owner.

These policies cover most eventualities for individuals who, for whatever reason, are ineligible for the annual policy. You can get a short term car insurance quote from www.temporarycarinsurance.ws and they can help foreign drivers get short term car insurance too.

Can I drive on my friends insurance?

If the plan is to drive a vehicle owned by a friend or a family member, then yes, it is possible to be added as a named driver on their policy in some situations. However, very few UK insurers will insure an individual as a named, additional driver on an international licence to drive on a domestic policy. Even if one were to find an insurer willing to do so, then it would be so expensive as to be impractical. The option above for short term insurance will be much more affordable in almost all cases.