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Need affordable insurance for your shop? There is a whole panel of expert brokers waiting to help you.

Are there better ways of buying shop insurance?

Fill out a simple form and you will receive quotations from selected brokers from the panels. These brokers will not only find the cheapest policies for you but also find the ones with the greatest value. This could allow you to combine policies and save money.

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Do I have to worry about protecting my privacy when I purchase insurance this way?

The UK Financial Conduct Authority oversees and regulates all brokers that are on the panel. A registered insurance broker or agent must abide by this government organization's strict rules regarding expertise, professionalism, and confidentiality.

Are there any insurance policies especially recommended for a shop?

In the event that you cause damage or injury to someone while providing your services, then you need to have public liability insurance.

If anyone gets sick or injured while working for you, employer liability insurance will cover you.

The cover provided by professional indemnity insurance can be vital if a client sues you for alleged poor advice.

Buying insurance cover for any commercial buildings you own can protect you whether you use them yourself or lease them out to a tenant.

Additionally, you may consider business interruption insurance to replace income lost due to physical damage to your property, such as flooding; shop front insurance is designed to cover the front of your shop, particularly the glass; you can protect yourself against light fingered staff who may steal from you; and there is cover available for any frozen or chilled goods that may suffer damage as a result of electrical or mechanical breakdown, or cover from goods being delivered to you or elsewhere.

Why to I need shop insurance?

Shop owners bear a responsibility for the goods and property of their customers, employees, and suppliers. And accidents can happen. Any shop should consider insurance to protect against the unexpected, yet getting the right policy can sometimes prove problematical.

To find you the right insurance cover, panel brokers can offer you a variety of quotes from reputable insurers, and since every retailer is different, they can find policy options that protect your unique shop, and your business.

There's no need to waste your time getting quotations when others will do it for you. Compare prices now!