125th. Anniversary Special Individual


Protection Engine Co. No. 3 took the opportunity to recognize a number of individuals from the company and the community.

Named Honorary Life Members:

The two gentlemen named below, both now deceased were named honorary Life Members of Protection Engine Co. No. 3 for their lifelong community service and in particular the roll they each played in saving Silsby Steamer 483 from being part of a World War II scrap drive. Plaques were presented to members of their families.

George Williams, Sr. --- Lifelong member of this company, and Fire Chief of Honesdale Borough.

Vincent Herzog, Sr. --- Lifelong resident of Honesdale, and local business man.

Special Service Plaque:

Was presented to the Day Family and Day's Bakery for their special and ongoing effort to support Protection Engine Company No. 3 and other area volunteer organizations.

Years of Service Awards

Were presented to the following members:

Many members of Protection Engine Company No. 3 spent countless hours in preparation for this event. Many of those hours were spent working on the grounds at apple grove park which were suffering from neglect by the municipality due to budgetary restrictions.

Two members from Hose Company No. 1, Debby Kominsky and Sue Lane worked alongside our members and on their own to assist this. For their special efforts both received a letter of commendation. William Corcoran, head of Borough Maintenance who donated much of his evening time assisting us with our project was also presented with a commendation.

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