Photo Report


125th Aniversary Celebration


Steam Fire Engine #483

"A. M. Atkinson"

No one is living today who ever operated this fine old engine at an emergency. Few remain who remember it at work at an emergency. The people may be gone, but the tradition they established is alive and well today, as is the proud old engine, built in 1874 and delivered to Honesdale in early 1875.

The Officers and Members of Protection Engine Co. No. 3 would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped us make this event a success.

Use the directory below to view photos of the parade and picnic which followed, and for other information. The photos show three steamers with fine teams as well as other horse and hand drawn vehicles and old motorized rigs. Pictures of the picnic show Silsby 483 in action after 125 years. Though the old engine has not operated in an emergency in 64 years, it is still carried on the active roster of the Honesdale Fire Department..

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