Protection Engine Company No. 3

Honorary Life Members

In 1992 the company officially created a new membership category, Honorary Life Member. This new classification, open under very special circumstances to non members from the community at large who have made a very significant contribution to the company, and members from the active and social roll of the company who have made notable contribution. An active member may maintain his or her active membership while at the same time being an Honorary Life Member. Three individuals had been named as Honorary Life Members prior to the official creation of the classification. During the first two years the By-Laws change called for careful study of members past and present and nomination of a large number to honorary status. Beginning in 1994 no more than two members may be elected in any one year. Election requires a two-thirds majority vote.

Elected in 1989

Mrs. Fred R. Miller**, wife of the late Fred R. Miller, who joined the company in 1921 and went on to become Vice President and President for more than twenty years, and "Mr. Fire Prevention" for much of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Dr. Vernon Leslie**, School teacher and noted historian, author of a number of local histories, including "A Profile of Service" a history of this company and the Honesdale Fire Department, which he wrote and donated to the company to help raise funds for the steamer restoration. Copies of the book are available for sale. To go to the book sale information page please click here.

Mrs. James (Dorothy) Rutherford**, daughter of Frank Schuerholz, who joined the company in 1898 as a Torch Boy, wife of James Rutherford, who joined in 1937, and mother of members Albert and Bailie Rutherford. During her lifelong association with the company Mrs. Rutherford put forth tremendous effort and resources in support of the organization.

Elected in 1992

Robert Fisch, Fred Miller*, William Rogers, George Williams, Jr. Edward Rothrock, Robert Hattler, Walter Hook*, Jack Kreitner, LaVerne Thornton, Dr. O. E. Hippensteel, Jr., Rev. Ralph E. Reed, Arthur Fasshauer, Andrew Carroll, John McGowty, Judge James Rutherford, Fred Korb, Richard Turner, and George W. Stanton

Elected in 1993

Arthur Bryant, Ralph Floyd, Robert Histed, Gordon J. Bond, Jon Cassel, Paul Harrison, George Korb, Gerald S. Pratt, Jr., Stanton R. Pratt, Bailie Rutherford, and Russell Ridd

Elected in 1994 - None

Elected in 1995 -- Earl Conklin and Don Noble

Elected in 1996 -- Richard Kreitner and Vincent Yannis

Elected in 1997 -- Walter Brower and Mrs. Fred (Mary) Korb**

Elected in 1998 -- William Beddoe and David Williams

Elected in 1999 -- Raymond Bodie and Robert W. Katz, Jr.

Elected in 2000 -- Howard Raught and Albert Rutherford

Elected in 2001 --Daniel Gallik and Kent Brown**

Elected in 2002--Robert Fives*

Elected in 2005--Tammy Ebert

Elected in 2005--James Firmstone

Elected in 2006 -- Harry (Skip) seitz

Elected in 2006 -- Christine Seitz

Elected in 2007 -- Edwin Day**

Elected in 2007 -- Dorris Day**

President Tim Stiteler presents Honorary Life Membership to Dorris Day,

Christine Seitz and Harry (Skip) Seitz at the annual member appreciation

dinner held at the Fireside Restaurant on Saturday April 28, 2007.

Edwin Day who was also honored was unable to attend.

* indicates posthumus election

** indicates election from the community rather than the company membership

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