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To the following individuals who have helped make the list of survivors grow. Your help is needed to make this list complete. Do you know of a surviving Silsby not on the list? Write us with as much detail as you have, Builders Number, Year Built, Original Owner, Subsequent Owners, Where it is now, Condition, Operable, Stories, and Photographs, etc.

Some of you provided this information prior to the addition of this page, let me know again which engines you located so that I can add you to the list.

Keep up the good work, and keep the information coming in.

March 19, 2001: Jim Lanigan added three engines to the list, #'s 933, 426, and though he did not know the number, 534

March 20, 2001: Ken Lauderback reported that Silsby 910 belonging to Bill Taylor which had been reported as inoperable, is indeed one of the few operable engines.

June 4, 2001: Ray Smith reported that his department is in possession of their 1885, 5th size Silsby No. 856. He reports the engine to be in fair condition with no resotration currently planned. The pump will turn over and the wheels still roll, but the fire box is completely rusted out he reports.

June 8, 2001: Ken Bechthold, Captain, Woodland Fire Dept, CA, notified us of the existance in operable condition of Clapp and Jones their 1874 Clapp and Jones Engine. He states that the engine was purchased new in 1876 by his department. It was restored between 1975-77 and has since operated in California, Nevada, and Utah

September 4, 2001: Daniel M. Barry , Treasurer, Oxford, MA Firefighters Association writes that their 1884 Silsby steamer had been in the hands of a private collector for some times. That collector has now given the community the opportunity to once again take possession of the engine. . Their fire association recently purchased their original fire station which was also built in 1884 to house the engine. According to Silsby records this engine is a 5th size unit No. 767. Interesting note, Oxford was a very good place for Silsby Steam Fire Engines. Originally three engines were sold to towns named Oxfore, one in PA, one in NY, and one inMA. Until recently the only one known to still exist was the one in PA. Then the NY engine came to light, and now the MA engine, making all Oxford engines survivors.

October 4, 2001 This old engine, or what is left of it has been located and is for sale. Anyone interested contact us and we will pass your contact information along. It appears to be a large, probably first size late model (late 1880's or 1890's) Silsby. Have not been able to identify the boiler. Let us know if you can shed some light on this question. This is a real handy-man special just waiting to be brought back to life. Look at this and other photos a little larger, just click here.

October 17, 2001 Engine 962, East Liverpool, Ohio reported by Gary Churella of Chester, WV who visited the engine in the fire station in Liverpool recently. Need photos and history of this one to post on the site.

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