Surviving Silsby Engines

The list continues to grow. Since this list was posted some months ago no fewer than five old Silsby engines have re-appeared from basements, barns, and dusty corners in fire stations. Some are in excellent condition and others are incomplete, but they still exist, and there is hope for them. Many other owners of fine old engines are considering restoration in one form or another. If you know of a verifiable engine not on our list please let us know.

The following Silsby engines are known or thought to be existing today. We are certain that there are some additions that should be made to the list and there may well be some deletions. Most are not operable today. Those that are known to be are indicated to be. Please send corrections to the list to A new feature of this list is the addition of E-mail links to a representative of the owner of some engines a link in the owner column will take you to their e-mail. Check out has added the latest survivors to the list.

 No.& Size City (link to photos) Built Owner (link to contact) Works  Photo  Link  Email
 686 5th. Alma, CO 1882          
 n/a Alymer, Ontario n/a          
2483 3rd. Ambler, PA 1896 Wissahickon FC  NO      
465 4th. Beaufort, SC 1874 Beaufort FD        
536, 3rd.  Benton Harbor, MI 1876 Bentz. Ref Souderbeck        
685 5th. Boonville, NY 1882 Seneca Falls, NY Hist. NO      
933, 4th  Bozman, MT 1888 Bozman FD        
607 3rd. Brenham, TX 1879          
562 3rd. Bridgeton, NJ 1877  Bridgeton FD  NO      
557 3rd. Brockport, NY 1877          
208 4th. Bycyrus, OH 1869 Private Owner        
400, 4th. Cambridge, OH 1973 Cambridge FD NO      
438, 2nd. Canal Fulton, OH  1874  Canal Fulton, F.D. NO      
409, 5th. Carson City, NV 1873 Autry Museum of Western Heritage, CA NO      
907, 5th. Cedarville, OH 1888 Ward Kimball, CA        
758, 3rd Chariton, IA 1883  Chariton FD  YES      
278, 3rd. Charlston, SC 1871 Darlington SC FD        
501, 2nd. Charlottetown 1875          
873, 5th. Clayton, NY 1887 Day Museum, NJ        
28, ? Columbus, OH 1861 State Museum ?        
588, 4th. Danieleson, CT 1878 Milford, CT (pvt col.)        
859, 4th.

Detroit, MI

Russell, Ontario

1886 ByTownFB, Canada  NO      
853, 1st Detroit, MI 1886 La France Coll. Piston Engine at early rebuild        
 962, 2nd  East Liverpool, OH 1889 East Liverpool Alumni Assn. on loan to Lou Holtz/Upper Ohio Valley Hall of Fame where it is on daily display NO      
207, 3rd Elgin, IL (James T Gifford) 1869 Elgin Fire Barn #5 NO      
413, 3rd San Antonio, TX ., Elizabeth City, NC 1873 Elizabeth City, NC        
 2888, 2nd. Elizabeth City, NC 1902  possibly (?)        
259, 3rd. Eureka, CA 1870 possibly (?)        
636, 5th. Everett, PA 1880  Everett FD  NO      
834, 5th  Fayetteville, NC (story)  1882 Fayetteville FD  NO      
714, 4th Fergus Falls, MN 1882          
657, 5th. Friendship, NY 1881 Friendship, FD NO      
841, 2nd Gettysburg, PA 1886 Gettysburg, FD NO      
426, 3rd  Goderich, Ontario, CA  1873 Huron Co. Museum, Goderich, Ontario, Canada        
560, 3rd Hamburg, PA 1877 Union FC, Hamburg        
224, 2nd Hamilton, OH 1869 "Neptune" (?) NO      
688, 4th Hanover, PA 1882          
581, 2nd Harlan, IA ex Sherman TX 1878 Harlan FD NO      
712, 5th Hempstead, LI, NY 1882  FD, Cosmetic Restoration NO      
483, 3rd Honesdale, PA 1874  Engine Co. 3, HFD  YES      
2215, 3rd Jefferson WI 1895          
437, 2nd Lewisburg, PA 1874 Cameron FC Museum  

725, 5th. Ludlow, VT 1883 Honesdale, PA  NO      
655, 4th. Marietta, GA  1881  Marietta, FD        
39, 1st Marysville, CA 1862 Marysville FD  NO

731, 5th.  Millbury, MA 1883 Silver Dollar City (?) NO      
856, 5th Monroe, NC  1886  Monroe FD NO      
634, 4th Mount Holly, NJ  1888  Mount Holly,Ren. 3030        
222, 3rd Neenah, WI 1869          
604, 4th New Bern NC 1879 New Bern Fire Museum        
3303, 5th Nicholson, PA 1905 Nicholson FD NO      
1001, 4th Norwich (Yantic) CT 1891 Yantic FD YES      
548, 3rd Ocean City, NJ 1877 Hall of Flame, AZ NO      
612, 3rd Oconomowoc, WI 1879 Venerable FC Slinger WI        
378, 3rd Ottawa, IL 1872 Ford Museum (?)        
767, 5th Oxford, MA 1884 Town of Oxford NO      
925, 5th Oxford, NY 1888 Donald Herb, Syracuse, NY NO      
648, 5th Oxford, PA 1880 Oxford FC #1        
2272, 4th Philadelphia, PA 1894 (Possibly in Iowa)        
2471, 5th Rocky Mount, NC 1896          
2917, 5th Roslyn, NY 1903 Rescue Fire Co.        
 713, 4th.  Salem, OR  1882  Salem FD Collection        
616, 3rd. Salisbury, MD 1879 Chesapeake Fire Museum until completion of new fire station in Spring of 2008        
405, 3rd Sheboygan, WI 1873 Jung Museum, Sheboygun        
717, 3rd Sioux Falls SD 1882  Sioux Falls Fire & Rescue  No      
1013, 4th Slatington, PA 1891 CIGNA Museum, Phila., PA        
503, 3rd Smith's Falls, Ontario 1875 at Dulles Apt in 1972        
684, 4th. Spring City, PA 1882 "Liberty"        
534, 2nd  St. Jean (John) Quebec  1876  St. Jean Fire Dept        
412, 3rd. St. Josephs, MI 1873 at LaPort IN ref:Souderb.        
344, 3rd Stillwater, MN 1872 Stillwater FD NO      
441, 3rd Sunbury, PA 1874 (Possibly Exists)        
232, 3rd. Sunbury, PA 1870 Wm.Penn Museum Hbrg NO      
589, 3rd  Tremont, PA 1878 Tremont Fire Dept.        
911, 4th Tyrone, PA 1888 R. Potter Col CiceroNY NO      
693, 4th  Wakefield, MA  1882  Jim (e-mail)  NO      
361, 3rd Washington, PA 1872 Washington, FD NO      
  Watkins Glenn, NY   Watkins Glenn, FD        
910, 5th West Brookfield, MA 1888 Wm Taylor, Louisville,MS Museum  Yes      
2117, 2nd Wilmington, DE 1892 FDNY Museum, NYC        
626, 3rd  Yarmouth, NS 1880 Yarmouth, NS, Canada        
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