Surviving Clapp and Jones Engines

The list is just starting to grow. Help us locate those old Clapp and Jones engines that are stored in basements, barns, and dusty corners in fire stations. If you know of a verifiable engine not on our list please let us know.

The following Clapp and Jones engines are known to exist today. We are certain that there are some additions that should be made to the list and there may well be some deletions. Most are not operable today. Those that are known to be are indicated to be. Please send corrections to the list to . A new feature of this list is the addition of E-mail links to a representative of the owner of some engines a link in the owner column will take you to their e-mail. Check out has added the latest survivors to the list.

 No.& Size City Built Owner Operable
3rd Woodland, California 1874 Woodland Fire Dept, CA Yes
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